Back to Cables - Taking a Break

Pattern: Taking a Break by Debbie Bliss, free, Ravelry link here
Modifications: sleeveless, deeper V, wider ribbing at the hem (I grafted half on afterwards, I almost cried!) and slightly changed the central cable.

I thought I would love this as I have a similar one I wear regularly, but I don't... I need to do some serious analysis. I don't have time for this "it's not quite right but I don't know why"! So I took a biiiig bit of cardboard, drew the outside of this top and then drew the outline of the other top over it, so I could compare them: bingo!

I'll probably frog it and make another one/something similar. The biggest difficulty with these cable tops for me is waist shaping. I have over 20cm difference between my hip bone line and my waist (even more with my "hips" measurement - Mediterranean hips they say? :p) so I end up with waaayyy too much ease in the middle. I tried a band of ribbing K1P1 here but it's obviously not enough. Nevermind. I've learnt and important lesson. I'm going to keep that piece of cardboard and draw the outlines of other jumpers and cardigans, see if I can get a range of measurements to work from. Watch that space, I might be onto something...